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Sri Lanka

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With Endless beaches, breath-taking sceneries, timeless ruins, and the famous Ceylon Tea, Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka, being a wonderful hideaway from the busyness of today’s world, from ancient times it has been passed by many travellers. History of Sri Lanka is documented under numerous numbers of articles. This beautiful Island lies south to India, and its history, natural beauty is undeniable.

Sri Lanka is strategically located in the Centre of the India Ocean. With a total area of 65,610 square kilometres. The heart of the country is the central highlands, which elevate up to around 1000 feet from the sea level. The country’s tallest mountain is “Piduruthalagala” which is around 8000 feet. This is also made up of surface drainage of around 100 plus rivers. In the history of Sri Lanka, these rivers were the veins of life. River “Mahaweli” carries the major flow of the country, being around 208 miles long. The tropical location of the island permits the temperatures to be high. Varying up to around 33’C on a monthly average. Rainfall is seasonal; however, most parts of the island receive an annual rainfall of 1200mm. The natural vegetation of the country covers up to 1/3 of the area and the lowlands are dominated by evergreen forests. Travel to Sri Lanka and experience an enchanting journey of discovery full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Sri Lanka

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Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Sri Lanka ,Your Ultimate Travel Guide.

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